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20 November 2012

The First Research and Practice Conference Introducing Advanced Technologies in the Sphere of Air Traffic Surveillance Equipment

A research and practice conference entitled “Introducing Advanced Technologies Introduction in the Sphere of Air Traffic Surveillance Equipment” was held on November 1–2 in St. Petersburg at the Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya Hotel.

The conference was organized by the All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Radio Technology (OJSC VNIIRA) which is the leading enterprise of Russia specialized in the development and manufacturing of radiotechnical systems and air traffic management equipment.

Over 70 specialists in the aeronautical branch of Russia and the neighboring states were participants of the event: representatives of the Ministry of the transport of the RF, affiliated organizations of FSUE State corporation for air traffic management, FSUE State Scientific Research Institute “Aeronavigation”, OJSC Concern PVO Almaz-Antey, OJSC VNIIRA, and others.

In his opening speech to the conference participants, the Vice Director General of OJSC VNIIRA, A. Yu. Korshunov noted: “Today, for steady innovative development of the aircraft navigation system of Russia and its agglomeration into the world-wide aircraft navigation system, we must solve the problems of the introduction of technologies related to usage of the Global Navigation Satellite System, and also other advanced engineering systems and equipment corresponding to the CNS/ATM conception accepted by ICAO.”

The first day of the research and practice conference was dedicated to reports by the participants and discussion of scientific and practical problems concerning tendencies, plans of introduction and implementation of the advanced technologies for air traffic surveillance that make it possible to improve flight safety and significantly reduce expenses for air traffic management.

The Head of the Advanced Equipment Department of ES OrVD FSUE GosNII “Aeronavigation”, I. V. Alipov described in his report the targets and the course of implementation of the program for the introduction of the Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) in the Russian Federation.

The Head of production-oriented policy management in the sphere of the civil production of OJSC Concern PVO Almaz-Antey, V.P. Ivanov dedicated his report to the problems of operation and introduction of the modern surveillance equipment in Russia and abroad. He described the activity of OJSC Concern PVO Almaz-Antey in the field of updating current radar aids for aircraft surveillance, in which modern hardware components, solid transmitting devices and digital processing are adopted.

The reports of the specialists of OJSC VNIIRA were brought to the attention of the participants. The Chief Designer of the Research and Development Centre Secondary radar surveillance equipment, V. V. Shifrin reported about advanced technologies air traffic surveillance and their introduction into the product line of OJSC VNIIRA. Problems of organization of data exchange by “aircraft-ground” and “aircraft-aircraft” channels for implementation of ADS-B and ATSSA technologies and the potential capabilities of 1090ES data transmission lines were considered in the report of the Head of the Research and Development Sector of RDC Navigator I. Yu. Bazarov. The report of the Head of the Scientific Research Laboratory of RDC UVD A. P. Plyasovskikh concerned the usage of information from S mode in automated system of ATC for improvement of the air safety.

Furthermore, the Chief Specialist of RDC Epsilon, A.M Popov spoke at the conference, giving a report entitled Basic Principles of Mode S Implementation  and the Vice Director General of OJSC Aero navigation systems, M.I. Kanevsky, who gave a report entitled “Technologies of Flight Support in conditions of reduction of the horizontal separation minimums (RHSM) by turbulence of the trailing vortex”.

The Specialists’ reports attracted great interest from the conference participants and were debated in the subsequent discussion.

On the second day of the conference, the participants visited the settlement of Kobrino, located in the Leningrad Region, where they became acquainted with the recent developments of JSC VNIIRA in the sphere of the production of modern surveillance equipment.

The specialists were able to evaluate with their own eyes the high level of the innovative technologies implemented in Avrora-S S-mode monopulse secondary surveillance radars with an automatic dependent surveillance–broadcast (ADS-B) channel and the ADS-B 1090 ES NS-1A ground station based on ADS-B 1090 ES technology and S mode protocols.


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