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05 April 2013

The Founding of the Political Military Research Center in MGIMO (Moscow State Institute for International Relations)

The Political Military Research Center was founded in MGIMO (U) of MFA of Russia on October 16th, 2012. The Center is a joint project of the University with the leading defense concern of Russia, OJSC Concern PVO Almaz-Antey, part of the project for the implementation of the strategic partnership agreement signed by the MGIMO president, A.V. Torkunov and the Director General of Almaz-Antey V.V Menshchikov in April, 2012.

The main activities of the Center include conducting political military research on military space defense (MSD) problems, analysis of air defense and missile defense for the purposes of assuring international security, investigation of foreign experience related to MSD management, and also development of MSD enterprises, and international armament markets. The Center’s products will be distributed in the form of subject monographs, analytical reports and memorandums for Federal State Government Bodies of the Russian Federation concerning the conceptual problems of the defense policy and national security, international relations and foreign policy of the Russian Federation.

The Pro-rector for Research of the MGIMO (U) of MFA of Russia, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor A.I. Podberezkin has been assigned as the Center Director. The Center’s staff are the leading MGIMO research workers for political/military issues, defense economics, strategic safety, and also experts having practical expertise.

In November 2012, an International Research and Practice Conference dedicated to MSD as a mechanism for ensuring regional and international security will be held on the initiative of the Center. The Center’s future plans include participation of the Center members in a range of international conferences, participation in international research projects concerning national and global safety, promotion of a positive attitude towards the enterprises of the Russian military industrial complex throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States and in other foreign countries, launching educational programs, etc.

As part of the Center’s operations, the special portal   (Eurasian defense) dedicated to problems of MSD development in Eurasia has already been launched. The portal contains some hundreds of analytical and news items, profiles of the leading companies of the Russian military industrial complex and a great deal of other useful subject information, 01.11.2012


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