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In combat mode, the PPRU-M1 (PPRU-M1-2) mobile air target reconnaissance and command center is designed to perform all tasks connected with the automated control of subordinate units and to ensure data exchange via operational command data channels using radio equipment or cables.


The PPRU-M1 (PPRU-M1-2):


    receives information on the air situation from its own radar system and processes that information;

as an air defense missile division command center, it may be used to automatically control:

up to 3 air defense missile batteries;

up to 3 air defense artillery batteries;

    as a battery command center, it may be used to automatically control the following:

the “TOR-M1”, “TOR-M2E” ADMCs – up to 4 vehicles;

the “Osa-AKM” ADMC – up to 4 vehicles;

the “Tunguska-1” ADGMS – up to 6 vehicles;

ZSU-23-4M4, ZSU-23-4M5 – up to 6 vehicles;

    provides target sighting information:

to “Strela 10M2”, “Strela 10M3” ADMCs – up to 6 vehicles;

to the S-60 57-mm air defense artillery complex – 1 battery (6–8 guns);

to the ZU-23/30M1-4 air defense system– up to 6 guns;

to air defense gunners at mobile “Igla” and “Strela” air defense complexes – up to 6 sections.

Main specifications

Radar system frequency range

Scan zone:

     range, km

     azimuth, deg

     elevation, deg

Number of targets tracked (as battery command center or command center)

Weight, kg

Fuel range, km

Maximum speed, km/h

Operating environment:

    ambient temperature

    relative humidity @ +25°C

    altitude above sea level, m

    wind speed in operating position, m/sec



min 50




min 40

max 16,000




–40°C to +50°C

max 98%

max 3000

max 30

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