About the Department

About the Department

About the Department for civil production development of JSC "Air and Space Defence Corporation "Almaz-Antey"

Department’s main goal

The main goal of the Department is to increase the volume of civil and dual-purpose goods by arranging their production at the Corporation's enterprises, and organizing promotion and sale.

Main goals

The main goal of the Department is accomplished by solving the following tasks:

  • managing a portfolio of projects for production of civil and dual-use goods;
  • managing projects for development and machining of civil and dual-use goods;
  • arranging promotion of civil and dual-use goods.

Project selection

Project selection is carried out by specialists of the Department for civil production development (hereinafter – DCPD). Specialists of the DCPD preliminarily determine commercial prospects, technical and organizational feasibility of a project (Chart 1).

For the purpose of preliminary acquaintance with a project, a project initiator prepares an Application in an established form, which is to be submitted to the DCPD (E-mail for applications:

Specialists of the DCPD carry out an express market analysis for potential project products and prepare a conclusion on availability of market prospects for the project.

The approval is based on compliance of the project with established criteria.

Independently or together with the initiator, DCPD prepares the investment project design passport.

At the stage of investment project design passport development, specialists of the DCPD carry out an in-depth analysis of the product market, develop a marketing plan regarding product promotion, assess the composition of investment costs for the project, and calculate preliminary indicators of the project’s economic efficiency. The legal form and economic model of the Corporation’s collaboration with a subsidiary and/or a third party are also proposed on this stage.

The investment project design passport holds details regarding main activities and timeframes for project implementation, project realization effects, project resource requirements and main activities for the project launch.


Chart 1. Express analysis of prospective projects in order to determine technological compliance with the existing competencies of the Corporation and with the availability of market prospects.

Selection of third-party organizations and individuals to conduct operations as well as to conclude contracts with, is carried out in accordance with current legislation of the Russian Federation and with regulations and orders introduced within the Corporation.

Express analysis of the product’s market potential includes:

1. Estimation of capacity of potential or existing markets for the analyzed products, expressed in physical and monetary terms.

2. Evaluation of competitive environment in the markets in question.

3. Evaluation of market indicators of the Corporation’s subsidiaries or potential partners.

4. Estimation of possible volume of sales of the analyzed production expressed in physical and monetary terms.

5. Conclusion on market potential of the analyzed products and appropriateness of the Corporation’s participation in development, production and sales of the products in question.

The term of the express analysis should not exceed 120 calendar days.

In-depth market analysis includes:

1. Information on volume and dynamics of the market in physical and monetary terms, growth rates of the market in natural and monetary terms, competitive environment on the market, market development trends, market volume forecasts; product segmentation based on technical parameters, functionality, bundling and price.

2. Comparative analysis of the analyzed products with competitors in terms of technical / functional / performance characteristics.

3. Identification and evaluation of consumer requirements for the products under analysis.

4. Proposals for product development.

Based on conducted market analysis, a plan of measures is developed to promote the analyzed products on the market, with specified terms regarding execution time, assigned executives and financial costs.