Staff and social policy

Staff and social policy

Main directions and goals of personnel and social policy

Personnel and social policy of the Corporation is aimed at preserving and developing the human resources potential, ensuring the current and future needs of the Corporation, determined by the strategy of its development and highly professional motivated personnel.

Corporation's personnel policy guidelines:

  • implementation of the Corporation's personnel management strategy;
  • forecasting main parameters of need for labor resources necessary for implementation of development programs;
  • introduction of modern methods of selection and reviewing of personnel;
  • development and implementation of personnel development programs, based on the current and long-term objectives of the Corporation and on results of personnel evaluations and reviews;
  • organization and effective use of the personnel reserve;
  • improvement of the wage system, which ensures an increased interest of employees in the Corporation's performance results and satisfaction with the results of the work;
  • further development of the system of monetary and moral incentives for employees;
  • development and implementation of corporate social policy of the Corporation, ensuring the growth of social security of employees.

The quantitative and qualitative composition of the Corporation's employees

The Corporation employs 129 thousand people, more than 45% of which hold a degree. The average age of workers is 45.6 years. In recent years, there has been a tendency of staff rejuvenation.

A high scientific potential has been accumulated: 1068 employees have Ph.D. degrees, 175 are Dr. habil.; also, postgraduate courses created in scientific organizations of the Corporation are in successful operation.

The analysis of staff rotations shows that the dynamics of the change in the average coefficient of fluidity in recent years is positive, i.е. number of employees recruited exceeds the number of those dismissed during the same period of time. Thus, the Corporation can be characterized as an attractive and socially responsible employer.

In 2016, the salary level of employees in the Corporation's enterprises continued to grow. The average wage grew by 11.6% and is now more than 54 thousand rubles.

In connection with the 15th anniversary of the Corporation, for its great contribution to the development of advanced weapons systems, creation of science-intensive high-tech products and the strengthening of the country's defence capability, the President of the Russian Federation issued a commendation to the collective of the Air and Space Defence Corporation Almaz-Antei.

Work with young specialists

Great attention is paid to the work of attracting and securing young qualified specialists.

One such measure is to appoint the Corporation's annual scholarships to young specialists of subsidiary organizations of the Corporation engaged in development of new technology and adoption of advanced technologies. The Corporation's scholarship for 2016 was assigned to 146 most distinguished young specialists.

Annual conferences are held with young scholarship holding specialists of various Corporation enterprises, as well as meetings of representatives of the subsidiary members of the Corporate Council of young specialists of the Corporation.

To attract young specialists to the Corporation, other mechanisms are also used, such as rights to receive education, to engage in scientific activities, raise level of professional skill, retrain, and learn labour occupations.

Young specialists are provided with loans and advances to purchase housing. At the expense of its funds, the Corporation builds and leases apartments with purchase options for qualified specialists, builds a shared household; the most in-demand employees are granted an additional package of corporate social benefits and guarantees.

Professional Development of Personnel

The qualification of the Corporation’s staff generally corresponds with level of existing production, but the need to ensure product quality at a given level, increase labor productivity, and reduce production costs requires the development of additional professional competencies both by developers (engineers, designers, technologists) and by basic workers. In this regard, the issues of training, professional retraining, in-service advanced training and professional training of staff are of particular importance.

In 2016, these scholarships were assigned to employees of 22 enterprises of the Corporation amounted of 39.2 million rubles.

In 2016, many workers were granted state awards for creating cutting-edge weaponry.

In order to improve employees’ social protection, voluntary medical insurance is organized and carried out at the expense of the employer's funds, providing a wide range of medical services, as well as a number of other activities, for example, organizing recreational events.

In recent years, the coverage of various forms of training, retraining and advanced training of employees is 25-28%, which corresponds to modern requirements for staff professional development and acquiring the competencies necessary to perform certain labor functions.

Relevance of the issue of professional development will increase in coming years in connection with the introduction of professional standards and, as a consequence, the need to bring the skills of employees in line with standard requirements.

The Corporation traditionally interacts with 52 leading educational institutions of higher education of the country. The Corporation's organizations and facilities participate in the implementation of the State plan to train specialists with secondary vocational and higher education for organizations of the military industrial complex for 2016-2020.

For example, in 2016, nearly 900 applicants entered the educational institutions of higher education on conditions of employer-sponsored education in areas relevant to the Corporation's enterprises with special education agreements including provision of social support measures by the employer during the training period.

Training of highly qualified staff is expanding; volumes of training, retraining and advanced training in labour professions are growing.

The existing system of training specialists and workers in educational organizations successfully complements the corporate training system.

In 2016, shaping of the corporate training system was mostly complete, and it currently includes:

  • an autonomous non-commercial organization "Scientific and Educational Center for Aerospace Defence "Almaz-Antei" named after an academician V.P. Efremov (Moscow);
  • a Corporate Training Center for Applied Qualifications (Nizhny Novgorod);
  • a Regional inter-sectoral center of additional vocational education (Ekaterinburg);
  • a Center for specialist training and retraining (Ulyanovsk);
  • a Scientific and educational center of the North-West regional center of the Corporation (St. Petersburg), on the basis of which its own dissertation council operates;
  • 12 centers and structural subdivisions of other subsidiaries of the Corporation, licensed to carry out educational activities under vocational training programs for working professions and additional vocational education.

In connection with Federal Law No. 238-FZ "On Independent Qualification Assessment", which came in force on January 1, 2017, the Corporation's facilities, possessing a unique educational and material base, as well as close ties with educational organizations and regional associations of industrialists, were among the first in the country to join to create territorial centers of qualification assessment.

First in the machine-building industry, the Center for Qualification Assessment was established in the PJSC "Mashinostroitel'nyj zavod im. M.I. Kalinina” (Machine-building plant named after M.I. Kalinin). Then, a similar territorial center was established as part of the corporate training center of the JSC "Nizhegorodskij zavod 70-letiya Pobedy” (Nizhegorodskij Plant of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory).

Staff incentive

In order to increase motivation for work and recognition of the merits of the employees of the Corporation, various forms of encouragement are being actively used to improve production efficiency.

In accordance with the Procedure for submission to promotion, employees of the Corporation are awarded:

  • certificates and commendation of the Director General of the Corporation;
  • an award pin of the Corporation "For achievements in work and professional prowess" (awarding with the pin entails a financial incentive);
  • departmental marks of distinction in works by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

According to the results of a competitive selection, employees may be appointed a scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation: in 2016, 28 employees of the Corporation became scholars, 13 of which – for outstanding achievements and 15 – for significant contributions to research and development.

In order to expand the forms of support and consolidation of the highly professional specialists of the Corporation engaged in the development of new equipment and technologies, corporate special scholarships have been set up in compliance with the decision of the Corporation's Board of Directors, which have an incentive level equal to that of the scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation. 

In 2016, a tender commission, chaired by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, summed up results of the annual competition held by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia for the title "Organization of the Defence Industrial Complex of High Socio-Economic Efficiency."

Nominated in "Integrated structure of military-industrial complex in the sphere of activity of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia of high socio-economic efficiency", Air and Space Defence Corporation Almaz-Antey was recognized as the winner.

According to the results of a similar all-Russian competition, the Corporation was also recognized as the winner.

The Corporation received honorary diplomas from the board of the Military Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Staff Policy development

The personnel potential of the Corporation is becoming one of the most important factors determining the further development and growth rates of production in the conditions of a shortage of qualified personnel on labor market. In this regard, the issues of staffing are annually on the agenda of meetings of the boards of directors of all the Corporation’s subsidiaries.

A competition for best personnel service among the Corporation enterprises is held annually.

The following were recognized as best in 2016: among the enterprises of industrial profile - personnel services of JSC “Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant “Kupol” and JSC “Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant”, among the enterprises of scientific and technical profile - personnel service of JSC “Federal Research and Production Center “Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute of Radio Engineering".

In order to work out common approaches to working with staff the Corporation’s enterprises hold annual outreach meetings of heads of human resources departments of the Corporation’s subsidiaries, which sum up results of work with personnel for the past period, share experiences, address complex personnel management issues, and identify main goals of personnel services.

In 2017, main efforts are focused on the following tasks:

1. To increase attractiveness of work for the Corporation, creating normal working conditions and ensuring a decent standard of living.

2. To introduce professional standards, practical implementation of the new rules of labor legislation.

3. To further improve the system of monetary and moral incentives and of evaluation of workers for conscientious work.

4. To nominate employees for special scholarships of the Corporation for their personal contribution to creation of breakthrough technologies, modern weapons and special equipment.

5. To professionally develop the Corporation’s staff, achieving the Innovative Development Program indicators in the field of personnel training and in area of establishing interaction with educational organizations.

6. To increase effectiveness of the implementation of activities of the state plan for training specialists with secondary vocational and higher education by improving forecasting of the staffing requirement and organizing monitoring of the employment of graduates receiving targeted education.

7. To further develop the corporate training system, satisfy the needs of the subsidiaries in acquisition of key professional competences by employees in the main areas of operations.