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Military and technical cooperation

The Concern takes part in two areas of military and technical cooperation:

  • the delivery of final products to foreign customers through JSC «Rosoboronexport»;
  •  as an independent entity engaged in military and technical cooperation, according to the Foreign Trade License for military products No. 2012147140 dated February 8, 2012.


Within the framework of independent foreign trade activities, the Concern has the right for the following types of works and services related to the operation of previously supplied military products:

  • the delivery of spare parts, units, assemblies, instruments, components; special, training, and auxiliary equipment, and technical documentation for previously supplied military products;
  • carrying out works on examination, calibration, service life renewal, maintenance, repair (including retrofitting that involves R&D works and engineering works), disposal, and other works on comprehensive servicing of previously supplied military products;
  • training of foreign personnel to carry out the above works.


The Concern takes part in military and technical cooperation with over 50 countries, and has been engaged in long-term fruitful and mutually beneficial collaboration with many foreign customers.

The Concern offers its foreign customers not only individual armament and military equipment items, but also integrated solutions for the deployment of national ground, air, and marine defense systems.

The most important source of business portfolio building is taking part in intergovernmental committees for military and technical cooperation with different countries.

Every year, the Concern takes an active part in international arms and military equipment exhibitions both in the Russian Federation and abroad.

According to the results of foreign trade in 2010–2011, the Concern is among the world's largest suppliers of military products and the leading military products exporter in Russia.

Strategic areas of promotion of military products made by Concern at foreign markets

  • Expanding marketing activities through high quality advertising and exhibition activities and work in regions
  • Improving the quality of research and information work
  • Improving the procedure for processing foreign customers' military product delivery requests by speeding up contract work.
  • Carrying out continuous analysis of demand for the retrofitting of previously supplied military products according to the military market demand
  • Strengthening the Concern's position at the international scale through the establishment of representative offices and joint ventures for conducting repair and servicing works, and active participation in the activities of intergovernmental committees for military and technical cooperation.



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