A universal radiograph system

A universal radiograph system

A universal radiograph system
Полное описание

A universal radiographic system for use in specialized and multidisciplinary medical institutions.

A fully digital diagnostic system for routine radiographic examinations in sitting, standing and lying positions. The system is especially convenient in the reception wards, emergency departments, traumatology, orthopedics, surgery and neurosurgery departments, wherever there is a large flow of recumbent patients and is an often need for emergency studies using a wheeled gurney.


  • Operating field dimensions: 43x43 cm.
  • Resolution more than 4 lp/mm.
  • Power supply capacity: 55 kW.
  • Focal length up to 1950 mm.
  • Vertical rack receiver can be rotated 90 degrees (with operating field facing up).
  • Digital receiver and radiator can be lowered down to the floor.
  • Compact system design.
  • The system can be installed right- of left-sided – depending on the layout of the X-ray room.

Supply components:

  • Stationery flat panel receiver.
  • Power supply.
  • Vertical rack with mounted digital receiver.
  • Shaft with mounted radiator.
  • Radiolucent wheeled gurney.

* The digital part of the device include doctor’s and a laboratory assistant’s workstations, software with a wide range of functions for analysis and further work with the resulting image, and a photograph printer.