Autonomous repeater "ANR-1"

Autonomous repeater "ANR-1"

Autonomous repeater "ANR-1"
Полное описание

Autonomous Repeater “ANR-1” is designed to increase the range of a two-way radio communication of an ATM with aircraft located in the service area of ​​the ATM, with the possibility of its placement in hard-to-reach terrain in difficult climatic conditions. The “ANR-1” can be used in aerial, regional and airfield air traffic control centers.

The relay equipment operates in an automatic mode and ensures the transmission of information without omissions and distortions. If there is a failure in the remote transceiver, an automatic transition to the backup channel is made. It is possible to remotely switch from the main to the backup channel and vice versa, as well as short-time switching-off of the squelch receivers.


Radio traffic range

118 – 137 mHz

frequency grid step in 118-137 MHz range

25kHz (8,33kHz)optional

The range of radio traffic from the aircraft within the line of sight, with an altitude of 10000m.

Up to 370 km

Range of radio traffic with the ATM RC

150 – 174 mHz

frequency grid step in 150-174 MHz range


Max distance of radio communication with ATM center within line of sight

up to 80

Minimum required wind speed for battery charging


Operating ambient temperature, °С

-50 .. +50

Frequency stability is not worse than


Average service life before write-off not less than, years


Mean time between failures not less than, hours