AZN-B (ADS-B) 1090 ES NS-1A ground station

AZN-B (ADS-B) 1090 ES NS-1A ground station

AZN-B (ADS-B) 1090 ES NS-1A ground station
Полное описание

The ADS-B 1090 ES NS-1A ground station provides surveillance of aircraft equipped with apparatus that performs automatic dependent surveillance – the ADS-B 1090 ES and transmission of surveillance data to the ATCM centers. HC-1A station can be used as a single or dual (standby) autonomous ADS-B 1090 ES ground station, as part of a network of NS with independent ADS-B information integrity control or as a receiving station of multi-position surveillance system (MPOS).

The AZN-B 1090 ES NS-1A ground station does not require any special shelters and can be placed in open air.





ED-129, ED102A/DO-260B

Dimensions (with no power source)

380х321х157 mm


-50 … +65, оС



Observation distance

0.25 ... 600 km (direct line of sight)

Altitude range

20 000 m

Elevation, degrees

0.3 ... 45

Max. number of targets


Probability of updating the output data

>0.99 in 4 secs

Output data refresh rate

0.5 ... 15 sec in increments of 0.5 s

Output formats

ASTERIX Cat 21,23,247

Number of consumers

8, with individual user profiles and update interval

Receiver sensitivity (decoding 90% of squares)

Better than -90 dBm

Types of extended squitters

DF17, 18, 19