HK2000 radio equipment of HF range

HK2000 radio equipment of HF range

HK2000 radio equipment of HF range
Полное описание

The HK2000 are a generation of universal radio stations of the high frequency range (HF). These radio stations allow for automatic two-way adaptive radio communication on routes over small, medium and long distances, support traditional modes of operation (telephone, telegraph), as well as provide data transmission over a radio channel.

The implementation of additional service functions is done only by downloading the required software version without upgrading the hardware of the equipment.

All radio station modules have a compact design and can be installed on a 19-inch rack.

All radio stations of the 2000 series can interact with external wireline and wireless telecommunication systems of various types, both with classical (ATM, UATMS) and with specialized (for example, TETRA, MPT1327) existing radio systems of different departments (police, emergency, etc.).

For operation with different types of antennas, radio stations of the 2000 series can be equipped with automatic antenna-matching devices.




1. Main characteristics

Frequency range, MHz

от 1,5 до 29,999

Frequency tuning step, Hz


Frequency instability, not less than


Transmitter power at an agreed load of 50 Ohm, W







Emission class

A1A (CW), J3E (SSB), (USB/LSB selectable), H3E (AME, USB), J7B (A7J), B8E (ISB), F1B (FSK, AFSK, F3E, F1C, A3E (AM), B7D

Serial control interfaces

RS-422, RS-485 or RS-232-C

High frequency interfaces

N-type socket

2. Characteristics of the transmitter

Suppression of harmonics, no less than

50 dB (1,5 mWt), 60 dB for all harmonics above 100 MHz

Suppression of intermodulation products, dB, not less than


Suppression of harmonics, dB, no less than


Suppression of out-of-band emissions, dB, not less than


3. Characteristics of the receiver

Input impedance, Ohm


Sensitivity (without preamplifier, without a digital preselector for a signal-to-noise ratio of 10 dB)

A1A - 0.45 μV; J3E, J7B - 1.1 μV; H3E (AM) 3.0 μV

Blocking (useful signal 2 mV, interference signal 5 V)

Decrease of sensitivity by 3 dB at Df> 30 kHz

Suppression by a mirror channel (Df> 30 kHz), dB, not less than


Intermediate frequency suppression (Df> 30 kHz), dB, not less than


4. Power Supply

AC Power Supply

Single / three-phase network, phase voltage 230 V, + 10 / -15%, 47-63 Hz

DC Power Supply

24 V (working at a power of 100 W)

5. Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (W × H × D), mm, not more than

RF Receiver / Exciter

RF power amplifier

Power source

483 × 132 × 340 (19" 3U)

483 × 281 × 570 (19" 6U)

483 × 192 × 570 (19" 4U)

6 Operating conditions

Operating temperature range

From minus 25 to plus 55 ° C

Storage temperature range

From minus 40 to plus 85 ° C