Полное описание

The Aerodrome control point complex of means for automation of airplane space usage planning is designed to provide automated execution of the functions of preliminary, daily and current planning of the arrivals and departures to / from the aerodrome (a) aircraft, , as well as the implementation of automated interaction with the bodies of a unified air traffic management system (EU ATM).

KSA ASUP ADP is certified by the interstate aviation committee (certificate of type №565 dated 16.08.2012).

This equipment is a typical set of automation equipment, designed for one or two workplaces, depending on the intensity of air traffic, created on the basis of PC and ensuring the implementation of:

  • technological planning functions for the ADP (CS LDPE);
  • technological functions of AWP AFTN;
  • technological functions of AFTN-NOTAM (NOTAM-SERVICE);
  • data exchange with external subscribers (systems) using ICAO-AFTN protocols and the TCP / IP stack.

Architecture KSA ASUP ADP is built on the principle of client-server.

KSA ASUP ADP includes server equipment, system administrator console equipment, automated workstation equipment (AWP) for dispatchers of the ADP, consisting of:

  • facilities for receiving, processing and displaying information;
  • means of input / output and information transfer;
  • uninterruptible power supply;
  • software bundle:
    • Linux OS of the RedHat family;
    • OS Windows 2000 / XP / 7;
    • Oracle Client;
  • software for processing planned and NOTAM information.