Полное описание

The multi-position observation system (MPOS) "Mera" meets all modern requirements for airspace surveillance systems. Using of the latest world achievements in elemental base, design and production technologies allowed to dramatically improve equipment integration and reduce dimensions of receiving and transmitting stations without compromising functionality.

Today, MPOS "Mera" is:

  • An ability to observe aircraft on the signals of all existing modes: A, C, S, 1090ES.
  • A multi-static Mode S radar with ELS, EHS:
  • High accuracy in measuring aircraft coordinates.
  • Low installation costs and minimum operating costs.
  • A small size in combination with low power consumption and the use of various power supplies.
  • Easy to build and upgrade platform.
  • Local and remote fault finding and diagnostics.
  • High reliability and guaranteed quality of work.

Receiving stations (sensors) of the MPOS "Mera" receive signals from aircraft responders, decode them and transmit messages containing the decoded response and the time of signal reception to the MPOS Server Hub.

Transmitting stations carry out the request of aircraft in A / C, S modes by commands from the hub server. Time is synchronized with the help of GNSS satellites or from its own clock source - the Control Reference Reporter. The server-concentrator calculates the coordinates of the aircraft by the method of multilateration by the difference in the times of their detection by the receiving stations. At least 4 receiving stations are needed to calculate coordinates by the multilateration method.

The use of MPOS is expedient:

  • Where the work of the SSR (mountainous terrain) is difficult,
  • Where a high update rate or higher accuracy is required (approach area, landing area).
  • Where there is no SLR and there is an infrastructure (communication channels and power supply).




Modes of operation

A/C, S (ELS, EHS), ADS-B 1090ES

Range in RBS and S modes

up to 230 km

Range in ADS-B mode 1090ES

up to 460 km

Horizontal accuracy

up to 15 m MSE (depending on geometric factors)

Probability of detection in RBS and S modes

better than 99,7% in 4 secs

Probability of detection in ADS-B mode 1090ES

99,09% in 4 secs

The probability of false detection in RBS and S modes

0% in 4 secs

Refresh rate

customizable, up from 1 sec

Maximum number of targets

no lesser than 250