Navigation equipment «AQUA-BOARD-12»

Navigation equipment «AQUA-BOARD-12»

Navigation equipment «AQUA-BOARD-12»
Полное описание

Combined consumers navigation multichannel equipment "AQUA-BORT-12" works via satellite systems GLONASS, GPS, WAAS, EGNOS and signals of medium-wave marine beacons transmitting corrective information in RTCM SC-104 format. AQUA-BORT-12 is intended for navigational support of sea vessels when navigating in the open sea and the coastal zone, passing through narrows, entering ports and manoeuvring therein, for navigational support of vessels of the river fleet when moving along lakes, water reservoirs, rivers and canals.



  • geodetic coordinates of the vessel*;
  • vector of the ground speed (track angle, ground speed);
  • time in the UTC (SU) and UTC (US) scales;
  • enter and store up to 1000 waypoints.
  • entering and storing up to 20 routes or fairways in memory (up to 50 points in each route).

Calculating (loxodromic and orthodromic):

  • time of arrival of the vessel to the point with given coordinates with a given speed of movement;
  • distances and directions between two waypoints;
  • deviations from the specified route.

* navigational information is issued in WGS-84, PZ-90, SK-42, SK-95 or any other reference coordinate systems.



  • GNSS measuring module: 16 channels of reception of signals of standard accuracy of GLONASS, GPS systems and signals of WAAS, EGNOS (with arbitrary distribution of channels between systems);
  • PKI module: three independent parallel channels for receiving signals in the frequency range 283.5-325.0 kHz with the possibility of manual or automatic selection of the received frequencies.

The error in determining the navigation parameters by GNSS signals at a probability of 0.95 and the geometric factor "HDOP" is not more than 4:

In the GLONASS system without differential corrections:

• Planned position coordinates, m, not more than


• heights, m, not more than


• speed, m / s, not more than


In GLONASS and GPS systems with allowance for differential corrections:

• Planned position coordinates, m, not more than


• heights, m, not more than


• speed, m / s, not more than


Mean time to first determination, s, not more than:

- "hot" start


- "warm" start


- “cold” start


Exchange of information with external devices

I / O Ports


Input / output speed in IEC 61162 message format, Kbps

4,8; 9,6; 38,4; 115,2

Exchange protocol

IEC 61162 (NMEA 0183 V.2.3)

Electrical Characteristics

DC supply voltage, V


Power consumption, W, not more than


Operating conditions (operating temperature, ° С):

- AQUA-BORT-12 device

From -15 to 55

- GLONASS / GPS and CKS antenna

From -40 to 55

Weight Dimension Characteristics

Weight kg, no more:

Dimensions, mm:

• AQUA-BORT-12 device 4,4


• GLONASS / GPS and CKS antenna 1,2