Полное описание

The “SINTEZ-ASUP” complex of airspace planning automation tools is designed to equip airspace planning centers with the level of zonal / enlarged centers and can be supplied separately or jointly with the air traffic control center of the ATC as part of a single ATM system.

CMA “SINTEZ-ASUP” provides automation of functions:

  • strategic, pre-tactical and tactical planning of the IVP;
  • organization of air traffic flows (ATFM);
  • interoperability of planned, air navigation and reference information with subordinate RCs (VRTs), ADPs, TIR (WMD), KDP, KP aerodromes of state and experimental aviation, as well as air defense units.

CMA “SINTEZ-ASUP” is created on the principles of open modular system with distributed structure and information processing. This makes it possible to increase the level of automation, productivity, connect new sources of information, upgrade or replace technical facilities or software modules.

An effective system for the support of the planned and air navigation reference data circulating in the CMA “SINTEZ-ASUP” is implemented in the current state by the availability of automated means for local and centralized maintenance of the database.

CMA “SINTEZ-ASUP” provides:

  • Assistance to the dispatcher in deciding whether to approve / not approve the plan.
  • Assistance to the dispatcher in the development of short-term restrictions and local regimes.
  • Ability to view information about the current air situation according to the data from the ATC system.
  • Assistance to the dispatcher in solving problems of organization of air traffic flows.

In the CSA, the PIWP automated processes:

  • Collection, processing, storage and maintenance of aeronautical and reference information necessary for solving the tasks of planning the IVP.
  • Collecting / receiving, processing, storing and maintaining plans for scheduled (scheduled) aircraft operations from aircraft operators and from the EU ATM Centre.
  • Collection, processing, storage and maintenance of off-schedule flight plans:
    • aircraft operations on ATS routes - coming from the EC of the EU ATM;
    • aircraft operations that take place wholly or partly outside the ATS routes, aerodrome flights, TWP plans for other types of TTI activities - coming from users of airspace and interacting ATS units.
  • Formation and maintenance of the ITP area of ​​the EU ATM zone.
  • Formation, transfer and synchronization of the airport's plan for ACP and for remote control rooms.
  • Gathering / receiving and processing of information on the progress of the implementation of the TWP plan, bringing changes to the plan, as well as reports of tactical planning of the TTI to air traffic control (airspace) users of the airspace of the EU ATM zone.
  • Documentation and reproduction of information processed by the complex.
  • Interaction with the Air Traffic Control and Control Center for planning and aeronautical information, information on the limitations of the IVP, as well as information on the actual implementation of flight plans (TTI).
  • Interaction with the CMA ATM to receive current surveillance information.
  • Interaction in the planned, air navigation and reference information with air defense units, departmental ACS and CMA, the system for receiving scheduled information via the Internet (SPIS) of its ATM zone.
  • Technical management and monitoring of the functioning of the complex.