Полное описание

Complex of means for automation of air traffic control CMA ATM "Sintez" - a complex of unique software and modern computing facilities that provides:

  1.  processing and display of surveillance information and planned information on the use of airspace;
  2.  processing of meteorological information;
  3.  analysis of the emergence of conflict situations for the security of the Armed Forces;
  4.  training of air traffic controllers;
  5.  documenting and reproducing information, as well as solving a number of other important tasks.

The level of automation, functional tasks and the human-machine interface of the CMA ATM "Sintez" allow to control air traffic on a fundamentally new level, enabling to reduce the influence of the human factor and improve flight safety by automating the processing of information, automatically linking flight plans to information on the current position VS, predicting the development of the air situation and warning dispatchers about potentially conflict (dangerous) situations in advance.

Unique functionality, implemented in CMA ATM "Sintez" of a new generation:

  1. Safety Net - a subsystem of security control (warnings about short-term conflict, lowering below the safe level, about the aircraft entering the observation zone).
  2. TP (Trajectory Prediction) - forecasting the trajectory of aircraft
  3. MTCD (Medium-Term Conflict Detection) - detection of medium-term conflict situations to a depth of 20-60 minutes.
  4. TCT (Tactical Controller Tool) - tactical dispatcher tools (assistance to the dispatcher when providing separation to the depth of the forecast up to 8 minutes).
  5. MONA (Monitoring Aids) - control of compliance and reminders. It allows to detect deviations of the aircraft from a specified 4D trajectory with further signaling about this to the dispatcher.
  6. SYSCO (System Supported Co-ordination) - coordination of aircraft movement, interaction with adjacent ATC systems (for example, using the OLDI protocol).
  7. CORA (Conflict resolution assistant) - decision support. Includes decision support tools for resolving conflicts in a vertical horizontal plane.
  8. CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communications) - digital data channel "Controller-Pilot". Provides automated interaction between the crew and the dispatcher. It is designed to reduce voice congestion overload between dispatchers and flight crew.
  9. AMAN (Arrival Manager) - Arrival Manager. It establishes the sequence and forms a sequence of moments of landing time for arriving aircraft.
  10.  DMAN (Departure Manager) - the manager of the departures organization forms the optimal order and sequence of the moments of take-off aircraft departure time.
  11. ADS-B - data processing of the system of automatic dependent surveillance (ADS).

The complex of automated workplaces of air traffic controllers in the area of ​​the SINTEZ-ARM-A airfield and the SINTEZ-ARM-R ATM area is the simplest link in the unified series of the SINTEZ ATM and are intended for automation of air traffic control processes in the aerodrome areas and ATM areas with Medium and low-intensity air traffic and equipping the EC of the EU ATM, ADC and ACPP, as well as "by-pass" for "large" systems.

ATC ATMs are interfaced with:

  • radar complexes of all types, both with appropriate processing equipment (APOI) and data transmission, and without it;
  • automatic radio direction finders;
  • ground stations AZN-B1090 ES;
  • sources of weather information.