Полное описание

CMA ATM "TOPAZ OVD" is a modular airport-route complex that provides a high level of automation of air traffic services relating to:

  • current planning of aircraft operations in the control zone;
  • meteorological support of flights;
  • multi-radar processing and mapping of the combined air situation on the basis of aeronautical, radar, direction-finding, meteorological and other (including reference) data.

The CMA ATM "TOPAZ OVD" includes a set of tools for automating the processing and display of the air situation to support the air traffic control processes of the CMA ATM "TOPAZ OVD", or a set of automated display facilities (KASO) "TOPAZ 2000" (depending on the range of tasks)

CMA ATM "TOPAZ OVD" includes:

  • central computer system - a set of duplicated servers for processing various types of information, providing communication and information security;
  • automated dispatcher workplaces - AWP-D. The functional purpose of the workplace of the dispatcher may vary depending on the tasks to be performed (RC, ADC (circle / approach, start / taxi), AWP of the telegraph operator AFTN, AWP of the flight manager;
  • group switching equipment;
  • data transmission equipment;
  • remote workstations for installation in locations remote from the RC.