TS-07 heat meter

TS-07 heat meter
Полное описание

The heat meter TS-07 is designed to measure, display, register, archive and transmit to external devices information about the volume and other parameters of heat energy and heat carriers received by the consumer in open and closed systems of heat and water supply with the installation of one or two primary flow converters. The additional input "meter" is intended for connection of a meter with a pulse output, to provide integration, indication and archiving of the volume of liquid passed through the meter.

According to accuracy characteristics, the heat meter fully meets the requirements for class 4 of MI 2164-91 and recommendations "OIML R72. HOT WATER METERS”.

Limit of permissible basic relative error of heat meters when measuring the heat carrier mass: ± 2% of the measured value in the relative measuring range of the sensor Gmin / Gmax = 1: 150

TS-07 heat meters can be combined into an automated system of integrated water and heat metering ASKUViT, which provides measurement and display of the final and current parameters of heat supply or heat consumption, cold and hot water supply, outdoor temperature or room air temperature (at the operator's request), as well as registration of parameters of operation of thermal units and their measuring devices.