Unified control panel system

Unified control panel system

Unified control panel system
Полное описание

The unified control panel system UPU-3 is designed for operation on the motor-car rolling stock of direct and alternating current, and fulfills functions of the previously used autonomous systems:

  • automatic train control,
  • registration of traffic parameters.

The UPU-3 provides:

  • traction and braking control equipment with the help of controls installed on the panel of the driver's console,
  • the driver and the repair team with diagnostic information on the condition of the car equipment of the electric train and, if necessary, the transmission of data to the motor-car railway directorate;
  • video surveillance in the driver's cabs, in the salons and tambours of all cars;
  • real time video broadcasting to the control center of the railway directorate;
  • automatic archiving and saving of video surveillance data to the central server while parking or during standby;
  • passenger warning broadcasting;
  • informing the passengers on the scoreboard of the head car about the name of the final stop on the route and on the scoreboard of all cars about the names of the stops.

The UPU-3 complex allows to modernize the carload equipment without changing the structure of the electric train devices.


Supply voltage, V

77 - 150

Current consumption, A, not more than


Operating temp. range

-50…+45 оС
(-25…+45 оС for LCD display)

Storage temp., оС


Estimated time before failure, h


Normal conditions for console operation are:

Temperature, оС

(+25 ± 10) оС.

Relative humidity, %

(45 - 80) %

Atmospheric pressure, kPa

from 84 to 106,7 kPa (630 - 800) mm Hg.