Полное описание

The "Vega" Automated Surveillance and Control Automation System, corresponding to the ICAO Secondary Level Aviation Classification System, is designed to provide taxi, start and landing controllers with information on the location and identification of aircraft and vehicles , as well as other observation sites equipped with tellers, access control on the runway and its occupancy, maintaining airport capacity, including in conditions of reduced visibility, while ensuring required security of aerodrome traffic.

The “Vega” System processes and combines information from several (up to three) airfield surveillance radars, a survey airfield radar, a multi-position surveillance system and ADS-B facilities, planned and actual information on the position and trajectories of the aircraft, weather conditions in the airport zone and the condition of the runway paving from the weather server directly or through the ATM, as well as from other available sources.

Provision of reliable information to the dispatchers about the position and parameters of the aircraft and vehicle movement in the aerodrome maneuvering area by combining the information of sources of dependent and independent observations provides the possibility of automating the functions of monitoring and controlling the airfield traffic, identifying unauthorized objects and their movements, forming alarms and warnings about possible conflicts, The development of recommendations for their resolution, the solution of other information-computational tasks necessary for ensuring flight safety in terminal areas in context of their high flight intensity.

The "Vega" system includes software and hardware complexes:

  • software and hardware complex for information pooling;
  • program and technical complexes of dispatchers (the quantity is determined when ordering equipment);
  • program and technical complex of the engineer;
  • program and technical complex of the head of flights;
  • software and hardware complex for registration, documentation and archiving.

"Vega" is also equipped with remote control consoles and information displays, necessary network equipment, operational documentation and spare parts.

High operational and technical characteristics of the "Vega" system are provided by the application of double "hot" backup, modern network technologies for distributed multiprocessor information processing, which allows increasing the functionality of the complex and adapting to the airport's features and customer's wishes.