Production activities

Production activities

OJSC Almaz-Antei Air and Space Defence Corporation has a full set of technologies necessary to produce, modernize, service and dispose of a large range of military, dual and civil products.

The prime military products:

  • AD missile systems
  • radar facilities for various purposes
  • automated control systems
  • training simulators
  • airborne equipment systems
  • GLONASS / GPS equipment

The prime civilian products:

  • radar complexes and automated control means for controlling civil aviation air traffic control
  • telecommunication equipment
  • fuel and energy complex equipment
  • transport equipment
  • lifting and transport equipment
  • HVAC
  • medical equipment
  • utility appliances and equipment for and much more

The Corporation has the following production capacities:

  • assembly production
  • machining, foundry
  • manufacturing of printed circuit boards (up to grade 5 accuracy)
  • tool production (manufacturing and restoration of various kinds of tools and gear, including cutting tools)
  • galvanic production
  • application of thermal protective coatings
  • welding production, manufacturing of electric wiring bundles, cells and chip assemblies
  • fitting equipment, radio fitting, production of SHF devices and waveguides, etc.
  • repair of components of air defence weapons and equipment (aerospace defence) and sophisticated civilian radars
  • tests and measurements of characteristics and parameters of radio-electronic and antenna devices using automated measuring and computing systems
  • Established scientific and production associations:
  • JSC "SPA "LEMZ" (Moscow)
  • PJSC "SPA "Strela" (Tula)
  • JSC "R&D of Measuring Instruments – Novosibirsk Komintern Plant" (Novosibirsk)
  • Established corporate technological production centers:
  • "Metallurgical center" on the basis of "VMP "AVITEK" JSC (Kirov)
  • "Center for the production of printed circuit boards" on the basis of the PJSC plant "Krasnoe Znamya"

New plants that can meet the needs of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in anti-aircraft missile technology:

  • JSC "Kirov machine-building enterprise" (Kirov)
  • JSC "Nizhegorodskij zavod 70-letiya Pobedy” (Nizhegorodskij Plant of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory).

Implemented a project of creating a North-Western regional center on the basis of the Obukhov plant - OOO “SZRTS” of the Air and Space Defence Corporation “Almaz-Antei” (St. Petersburg).