Military-technical cooperation

Military-technical cooperation

The Corporation carries out military-technical cooperation in two areas:

  • delivery of final military products to foreign customers through Rosoboronexport JSC;
  • as an independent subject of military-technical cooperation in accordance with the Certificate of right to carry out foreign trade activities in respect of military products No. 2016245238 of January 18, 2016.

When carrying out independent foreign trade activities, the Corporation has the right to provide the following types of works and services when operating previously supplied military products:

  • supply of spare parts, assembly units, devices, components, special, training and auxiliary equipment, technical documentation;
  • carrying out works on examination, standardization, prolongation of service life, maintenance, repair (including modernization involving R&D), disposal and other works providing overall end-to-end service;
  • training foreign specialists to perform the abovementioned works;
  • participation in creation of joint ventures with foreign customers (organizations) engaged in maintenance, repair and disposal of military products, creation and upgrading of facilities, based in the territory of foreign countries that provide comprehensive service.

The geography of the military-technical cooperation of the Corporation is extensive; the number of countries possessing military equipment developed and manufactured by the Corporation's enterprises exceeds 50. The Corporation is connected with many foreign customers by a fruitful, long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation.

The Corporation offers its foreign customers not only individual types of weapons and military equipment, but also comprehensive solutions to create national defence systems for land, air and sea lines.

Considering current trends, the Corporation shows its readiness to develop direct military-technical cooperation with other countries in improving one’s repair capacities to perform repairs and improvements for the design specifications of the Corporation's approved military products, including the creation of multifunctional centers for maintenance and repair of various weapons, military and special equipment.

The most important source for building the orders portfolio is participation in the work of intergovernmental commissions on military-technical cooperation with various countries. Note that in 2016 alone, representatives of the Corporation took part in preparation of materials and direct work of 36 meetings of working groups/subgroups, such as the IGC consisting of 15 states.

Annually the Corporation takes an active part in various international exhibitions of arms and military equipment both in the Russian Federation and abroad. Among such exhibitions, in which the Corporation traditionally participates, we should note: Russian – “MAKS” air and space salon, military-technical forum "Army", naval salon "IMDS"; Foreign – “Aero India” and “DefExpo India” (India), “Idex” (UAE), Airshow China (China), KADEX (Kazakhstan), LIMA (Malaysia).

Based on the results of foreign trade activity, the Corporation traditionally ranks among the world's largest suppliers of military products, while in Russia it is the leader in terms of exports volume. According to the estimates of international experts, in terms of military sales, in 2013-2016 the Corporation steadily occupied the 11th-14th place among the 100 largest companies of the world military-industrial complex.

Strategic areas of improvement of the Corporation's work on promotion of approved military products to foreign markets:

  • improving the quality of informational and analytical work to assess the current state and prospects for the development of foreign markets for military products related to the Corporation;
  • improving advertising and exhibition work, actively communicating with potential external customers about the Corporation, its modern products and opportunities to develop mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners;
  • establishing direct cooperation with foreign countries to ensure effective after-sales service of the military equipment of the Corporation's manufacturing list;
  • improving the mechanism for processing requests from foreign customers for supply of military products through increased efficiency of contractual work and the use of automated systems;
  • developing and offering foreign customers projects to modernize previously supplied military products;
  • training foreign specialists to subsequently ably operate, maintain and repair the machinery of the Corporation's nomenclature;
  • strengthening the Corporation’s position on international level by creating representative offices, joint ventures for repair and servicing of supplied military equipment and active participation in work of intergovernmental commissions for military-technical cooperation.